About iWOW

iWOW Tracks the status of Inward/ Outward Mail movement in office over Networks. It Records the series of action taken on the mail and maintains the history of such records. iWOW also provides Logs of Transactions and transfer of Registers.

It facilitates File Tracking System and helps to manage the file or registers movement from one department to another department.

Government Department, Organisations and Industries can take great advantage of this system to manage the flow of records and inventory effectively and efficiently. iWOW offers online tracking and fast location information and pendency monitoring effectively by providing, online, a plethora of information at a glance.


You can find following features with iWOW™

Movement Tracking

Tracks the status of Inward and Outward of mails movements

Logs and History

Provides logs and history of movement for future reference

Manages the flow of records and inventory

It manages flow of records and inventory systematically and effectively, which helps Government and Organisations in Governance compliances.

Effective Decision Making

iWOW offers online tracking and fast location information which helps organisation on making effective and faster decision making process by providing real time status of important documents and mails.


iWOW provides complete tracking and monitoring solution over network along with the movement
status of mails and documents.

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