RIMS Features

Appeals / Complaints Management that is Unparalleled

  • Efficient design eliminates steps for registering and routing, reduces manual work.
  • Case management and system-defined warnings for missing issues.
  • The CSS enables to share the status of the case to the applicant, online
  • Provides critical capabilities in quassi-judicial environment

An Elegant, Easy-to-use SDM Module

  • SDM Module enables to conduct and manage special drives for faster clearance of backlog cases
  • Complete Planning and Management Tool

Built In Customization

  • You control fonts, colors, and background.
  • RIMS® provides functionality but you set policy
  • CSS fonts, colors, terms used, even search and display logic.
  • Reports can be customized and created as per the users requirement

Reference Document / Linkup Document Tracking

  • Easy and Efficient of Reference Document
  • Quick Tracking & Linkage

Price Performance Ratio

  • Higher priced systems don't offer comparable features.
  • Access & Manage your system anytime – anywhere (24x7x365)