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About eduERP®

ERP (enterprise resource planning) is an industry term for the broad set of activities that helps an institute manage the important parts of its institutional activities. The information made available through an ERP system provides visibility for key performance indicators (KPIs) required for meeting educational and management objectives. ERP software applications can be used to manage academic activities, admin activities, e Governance compliances, record management, analysis…

Initiative of implementing ERP software is stepping stone for Institute towards digital transformation of the Organisation.

Technology has enormously revolutionized our lives. From online shopping and net banking to the custom-made ERP systems, all cutting-edge web-based tools focus on streamlining lengthy procedures and tough jobs. The technical development has also spread its wings to the education sector with the effectual solutions specially designed for the colleges, institutes and schools. These software aim at assisting the functionality of the educational institutes while also aiding the students and faculties in many ways.

Since there are ample of alternatives accessible in the marketplace, it takes times to select the one that will fulfil all your requirements. So anyone involved in the procedure of selecting an automation system, must know what ERP software is and how it works. Now, to know in detail about such a system, let us first understand its meaning and discuss its features.

What is ERP Solution?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a system that provides incorporated applications for high-tech operation and management of an organization. There is a distinct software for different organizations such as Manufacturing units, Service Organisations, banks, travel agencies, hotels or any other business. The ERP system for education institutes is particularly developed for managing the various day to day operational activities smoothly and provide the complete governance.

Many universities, Schools and other educational institutes make use of these automated solutions to support their management and other tasks. Since the main motto of an educational institute is to concentrate on teaching, skill development and knowledge sharing, it is not worth for them to dedicate their academic Staff towards maintaining manual and tedious paperwork, particularly in the era where the economical and user friendly software solutions like eduERP® are easily available.

What is eduERP® ? :

eduERP® is an ERP System for Education Institutes, Schools and Universities. It is complete Campus Management System.


  1. To systematically manage the day-to-day functioning of the Organisation.
  2. To integrate all facets of the Organisation
  3. To bring all key activities of education organisation like Admission Process, Academic Management, Exam Management, HR Management, Payroll Process, Finance Management, Internal Communication on the same Platform.
  4. To provide analytical reports to Management, Industry Partners, Trustees and Principals on the one screen to take important, effective and quick decision making.
  5. To save the cost and efforts of the Academic and Admin staff, Smoothen the process and communication amongst various departments and Students.
  6. To provide Live Dashboard for most useful statistics for the User based on his work Profile.
  7. To provide complete transparency in Organisation system.