About us


School Edition :

School edition of eduERP is complete school management system which provides complete 360 degree governance to school by bringing every stakeholders where it be Teachers, Students, Parents, Principal, Trustees and Auditors as well on the same platform.

It provides best experience to schools and parents to communicate with each other and provide regular updates without much efforts on either side. Parent can just tap into App and refer the whole progress and updates of his/her child from the school.

eduERP School edition is specifically designed for schools taking care of their need, requirement and challenges faced by them managing their day to day activities.

VTI Edition :

VTIs (Vocational Traininig Institute) like ITIs, KVKs and other Skill development Institutes etc., their functioning, management, working pattern are something different than other institutes. They are specially focused more on providing best practical as well theoratical knowledge to their benefeciaries.

VTI edition is been designed and developed considering their funcational activities, governance needs and requirements to provide best the output of efforts of such institutes.

University Edition :

University is an independent governing body managing various institutes, defining rules for them. Handling various activities centrally like Admissions, Exams etc. alongwith controlling other activites of the institutes.

Management, functioning and Governance compliance of Univesity is key challenge for any University and smart governance system and easy User Interface of eduERP helps universities to perform this functions smoothely and accurately in real time.

Institute Edition :

An institute is the set of various department managing their functioning centrally. eduERP institute edition is been designed to manage their regular activities smoothely, flow lessly. It’s analytical reports helps institute management to fulfill their dream of taking the institue to new level providing world class facility to their students and make them available the best academic experience than other institutes. Regular real time assessment and analysis from eduERP helps institutes to achieve this benchhmark. It covers all facets of an institutes including Academic Devisions, Admin Devisions, Students as well as Management.