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Globalisation of Higher Education in India

I.C.T Initiatives

  • A lesson in computer literacy from India’s poorest slum kids
    Sugata Mitra has a PhD in physics and heads research efforts at New Delhi's NIIT, a fast-growing software and education company with sales of more than $200 million and a market cap over $2 billion...
  • From Literacy to e-Literacy
    To make it the country's first eLiterate state and to be a 100% digital society', that is the dream of Kerala's IT secretary Aruna Sundararajan...
  • Spreading the word
    Velimela Chandramma gets a big kick from being able to read bus boards. She considers the acquisition of this skill one of the greater achievements of her life, and it’s an education to see why.
  • The Commonwealth of Learning: I.C.T and Literacy: who benefits?
  • I.C.T Education Case Study: Bangladesh
    The challenge Bangladesh faces is how to become a learning society and to ensure that its citizens are equipped with the knowledge, skills and qualifications on information and...
  • Rural India’s Rough Road to Computer Literacy
    Shah--who works in the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, an organization that develops supercomputers here--has launched a computer program designed to alleviate...
  • Can I.C.Ts help increase literacy?
    There is growing awareness that it is not the learning of literacy skills that brings about social and economic benefits but the ability to use literacy in specific instances.
  • I.C.Ts in school classrooms: planning to avoid costly mistakes
    Can any country afford to opt out of advances in telecommunications? Businesses are seeking to meet users’ needs better through electronic forms of communication, so at least some members of...
  • Tata computer-based functional literacy programme
    Making this possible is a remarkable initiative from the Tata Group that has changed the lives of thousands of adults in different parts of India...
  • IT in Education
    As technological advances are introduced in education, the promise and potential of IT in enhancing learning is attractive, but the lack of initiative has hampered its progress, says Vertika Yadav
  • OECD: Literacy in the Information Age
    After reviewing policies and practice in 15 countries, this book presents nine broad policy responses to the lifelong learning agenda that relate directly to national qualifications systems...
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