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Cloud is a new concept for delivery of application software through internet instead of installing & running the same on a user’s computer. The software is running remotely on a web server somewhere and the user access the application using only a web browser.

The application software is running remotely on a web server somewhere and the users access the software using a web browser. This reduces the up-front cost of purchasing the software, hardware, storage, networking components etc.

The Cloud prices are based on a monthly / yearly fee instead of paying for the licensed software packages including their upgrades & updates. Cloud removes the hurdles of providing services like installation, deployment, support, maintenance, upkeep, virus control, regular back up & security etc. Cost of all such services, though unseen, forms a major part of the operational cost. Since the software & data are not stored on user’s computer, he does not require large data storage facilities.

Cloud provides 24x7x365 services. The user can access the application from anywhere at any time provided he has an internet access. Cloud has brought a new revolution in the IT world for use of Software and leading organizations across the globe are switching over to Cloud model from the traditional model for use of software.

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