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Today, world has become fast and digital, and it is very challenging to professionally get connected and updated with internal team on Single platform.

Secrétaire provides the uniform platform to get updated on your schedules from your team on the go. It allows you to communicate and share schedules, update on meetings or conference appointment schedules, share meeting details, information, media and important contacts on single platform. All these are features at convenient time for both Manager and Secretary. Secretory can plan and update your schedule time to time on his/her convenient, at the same time manager gets updates time to time as scheduled by Secretory. Managers can also communicate with each other on the same platform conveniently.

All these without burden of remembering one more password yet not compromising on Security and privacy.

As a Manager

  • Get all the information from your multiple Supporting Staff.
  • Never miss on any information, schedule task or meeting with auto Reminder functionality.
  • Have a check on your to-do on the go anytime.
  • Get location info of your Secretary with Message
  • Connect to the received contacts
  • Get info of even deleted message from Secretary

As a Secretary

  • Update your Manager for their future schedules at your convenience by Scheduling Alert for each message (Optional)
  • Share media, contacts and Text in single Message to update your Manager
  • Reduce duplication efforts for same information by selecting multiple Members for One Message
  • Share your location with Manager along with Message (To test if Location not ON)

For further information,
please visit www.secretaire.in

  • Microsoft
  • Nasscom
  • HP Business Partner
  • Android
  • iPhone