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Anywhere Attendance


AwA®(Anytime Anywhere Attendance) is a unique wireless tracking and monitoring technology which enables Organizations to centrally manage attendance of multiple locations/branches. This is based on SaaS (Software as a Service) concept where institutes have to pay –as-you-go basis.

AwA®(Anytime Anywhere Attendance) thus, enables Organizations to mark attendance of their employees/candidates/students/trainees from their physical location with unique technology through mobile device.

  • AADHAAR eKYC enabled Enrollment
  • Secure, Reliable, Authenticated and accurate information without more efforts with AADHAAR enable services
  • Implemented RD Services, eliminates the risk of misuse and leakage of biometric information
  • Centralized administration and monitoring for operating from Multiple locations across country
  • Dual Admin Authentication for Student Enrollment
  • Attendance reports with Geo Statistics
  • Bio-Metric Attendance with fingerprint through Mobile App
  • Configurable Multi Branch, Multi Organization Level
  • Real time Analytical Dashboard
  • Comparative Graph and Charts and Summarized reports for quick review
  • Can Take Attendance without Internet
  • Also features Admin and Faculty AADHAAR KYC facility.
  • Certificate Generation from within System for eligible Candidates based on Attendance criteria
  • Separate Logins and Dashboards for Head Office and Branches
  • Simple Mobile App, don’t require any technical Knowledge
  • Faster, Easier, Secure , Affordable and Reliable And much more...

Key Benefits:

  • Authenticated information of Students/Candidates as per Government records (AADHAAR) along with real identification.
  • Genuine presence through Bio-metric device with time and Location of the Class even with offline Attendance.
  • Easy access solution for handy operations.
  • Minimum almost Zero data entry of Students.
  • High End solution at pocket friendly and affordable cost along with Savings in Time as compare to other options.
  • Overview of academic operations across country on fingertips from anywhere anytime.
  • Reports with Excel Exports feature for multi usage.
  • No Technical knowledge required to operate the solutions.
  • Location based reports
  • Supports Digital India campaign with Paperless system
  • 24/7 availability of system 365 days a year
  • Highly trained dedicated support team

For further information,
please visit www.awaweb.in

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  • Nasscom
  • HP Business Partner
  • Android
  • iPhone