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Healthcare business is continuously evolving and expanding providing a huge business market to healthcare IT sector and it is a necessity to healthcare providers to deliver services at an effective and efficient manner.

At CR2, our healthcare IT services enabling Hospital Information System solutions address this need, while leveraging existing infrastructure.

CR2 Hospital Information System (HIS) is an end-to-end solution that automates the clinical, administrative and supply-chain functions and enables the healthcare providers to improve their operational effectiveness, consequently reducing costs and medical errors, while enhancing quality of care. Also its comprehensive model is exclusively developed to serve the need of any kind of hospital, whether super specialty hospital, multi-specialty hospital, nursing homes, and clinics.

CR2 Hospital Information System has robust modules all integrated seamlessly to each other. CR2 Hospital Information System has robust functionality covering three basic sectors of any hospital

  • Clinical data management
  • Administration
  • Supply chain

Billing and administration, electronic medical records, electronic health records, clinical systems, supply chain modules and business intelligence. The clinical system comprises an electronic patient record which forms the core of the system and links to all other departments in the hospital. This helps in providing improved clinical outcomes and better diagnosis and care to the patients. The administrative and supply chain modules improve productivity and efficiency, driving down costs and waste.

Salient Features of CR2 Hospital Information System are

  • ICD 9-10 Migration and Compliance Solutions (HIPAA, CCHIT and Meaningful Use).
  • Interoperability standards(HL7 and DICOM Interface development)
  • Mobile, SaaS/Cloud enablement Hospital Information solutions.
  • Microsoft
  • Nasscom
  • HP Business Partner
  • Android
  • iPhone