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Managing educational institutions in the modern world is as challenging as managing a large business enterprise. Institution owners and administrators have to deal not only with growing volume of data but also have to deal with ever-increasing student demands and competition. Educational institutions are also pressured to offer state-of-the art facilities like eLearning and online examinations.

Most campus management solutions or school management solutions available in the market today address only a small portion of an institution's requirements. This forces most institutions to invest in multiple solutions such as grant management, library management, campus management, eLearning solutions etc. With institutions investing in number of solutions, integrating data from all of them to compile meaningful information and reports is next to impossible.

eduERP® the solution

eduERP® is a full fledged ERP specifically designed for educational institutions and governing bodies. It addresses all requirements of an educational institution by providing the necessary infrastructure for eLearning and eGovernance.

eduERP® is a light, browser-based application that can be deployed in a matter of days, can function in vernacular languages (including interface) and is built based on global best practices. eduERP® is available at an affordable cost and can be customized to meet the needs of any institution, right from small schools, colleges, universities to a country's total education system. Unlike other commercial ERPs available, eduERP® is specifically built to meet the needs of schools, colleges, universities, training institutions and education department of a country.

eduERP® features

eduERP® addresses needs of a country's total education system as well as educational institution through its integrated eLearning and eGovernance offering. Some of the unique features of eduERP® include:

  • Fully featured eLearning and eGovernance modules
  • 100% browser based solution allows you to access from anywhere through your institutions Local Area Network (LAN), from the comfort of your home or from anywhere else across the world
  • Is built on a solid foundation of global best practices
  • eduERP® is Unicode compliant and can support multiple languages
  • Bar code enabled for library, inventory and identity management
  • Operates on a secured centralized database
  • Provides management with updated information at their fingertips
  • Quick deployment time: eduERP® is a quite literally a 'plug & play' solution that can be deployed in a matter of weeks
  • Highly trained 24/7 support available 365 days a year
  • Easy to learn, operate and manage
  • Competitively priced: costs less than most other poorly featured school management solutions or generic ERPs

eduERP® Benefits

  • Allows you to automate all activities of your organizations within a matter of days.
  • Increases efficiency and reduces redundancy.
  • Allows you to offer state-of-the-art eLearning curriculum to students.
  • Brings transparency and accountability.
  • Allows you to access your entire institutions information at your fingertips.

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