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campusrecruit™ is one of the largest & unique job search portal and serves as a flawless & virtual Employment Exchange  not only for the jobseekers but also for Recruiters & Academia. Unlike any other job portals, this is the first portal which  works on a reverse mode where Recruiters tracks & chases the jobseekers instead of jobseekers chasing the jobs. Here the jobseekers do not hunt the job but the job comes hunting the jobseekers.

campusrecruit™  is published by CR2 Technologies Ltd., which is engaged in providing eGovernance & eLearning solutions to  Educational & Health Care sectors. CR2 is a group of Academicians, Librarians, and Medical & IT Professionals. The prime focus of the group is to build a 'Knowledge Society' based on eLearning.

campusrecruit™  is a perfect destination for recruiters to find right people for the right job at the right time and for unemployed masses to get the right job. It provides a common platform & one stop clearing house where Recruiters & Jobseekers meet together under one roof.

campusrecruit™'s Value :

  • Meeting commitments made to external & internal customers
  • Fostering trust, leadership, creativity and speed of response
  • Trust & Respect for dignity & potential of individuals
  • Loyalty & Pride in the company
  • Team Spirit in every field
  • Zeal to strive relentlessly for excellence
  • Integrity, Honesty, Ethics, Sincerity  & Fairness in all action

campusrecruit™'s Objectives :

  • Growth: To ensure a steady growth by enhancing the competitive edge of campusrecruit™ in existing business, new areas & international operations  so as to fulfill national expectations for campusrecruit™
  • Profitability: To provide a reasonable and adequate return on capital employed, primarily through improvements in operational efficiency, capacity utilization & productivity, and generates adequate internal resources to finance company's growth.
  • Customer Delight: To build a high degree of customer confidence by providing increased value for his money   through  best of product quality, performance & superior customer services & thus  surpassing customer's expectations
  • People Orientation: To enable each employee to achieve his potential, improve his capabilities, perceive his role & responsibilities & participate & contribute positively to the growth & success of the company. To invest in human resources continuously and be alive to their needs.
  • Technology: To achieve technological excellence in operations by development of indigenous technologies and efficient absorption & adaptation of imported technologies to sustain needs & priorities, and provide a competitive advantage to the company.
  • Image: To fulfill the expectations and to add values  which shareholders, employees, customers, peers, associates and the country at large have from
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  • Nasscom
  • HP Business Partner
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  • iPhone