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The Indian healthcare market is estimated to be US$ 78.6 billion in FY2012 and will grow to US$ 158.2 billion in 2017. Industry includes pharmaceuticals, healthcare, medical and diagnostic equipment and surgical equipment and supplies. Revenues from the healthcare sector account for 5.2 per cent of the GDP and it employs over 4 million people.

Some of the prominent corporate hospital networks in the country are Apollo Hospitals (41 specialty hospitals), Fortis Healthcare (50 hospitals), Max Healthcare (10 hospitals), Wockhardt Hospitals (12 hospitals), and the Manipal Group (15 hospitals) and many more.

The biggest challenge faced by the Healthcare IT industry is to provide high quality of patient care in a strictly regulated environment. So, today's health care providers are looking for new ways to improve the quality of patient care and cut costs, while enhancing patient satisfaction. This is where CR2 has immense value to offer to the healthcare providers.

Our state-of-the-art healthcare information management services can benefit hospitals and other healthcare organizations.

CR2 offers a unique blend of consulting expertise, proven project methodologies, cost effective solutions and outstanding attention to quality and customer satisfaction. This, along with a high degree of functional expertise including specialized areas. Our support helps our clients ensure that their operations maintain the necessary focus on organizational priorities without the burden of managing a complex and unfamiliar new implementation process.

CR2 follow standards defined specifically for healthcare IT system such as HL7 (health level 7, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and accountability Act, ICD-10 by World Health Organization to stand at global platform and serve quality and globally recognized standards.

CR2 healthcare application is capable of handling clinical and patients care aspects in any health care set up. The Hospital Information Management System has different modules; each module addressing specific activity and facilitating in improving quality of patient care.

We have been serving these clients for number of years:

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