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Education is evolving fast. Every day, we hear about some new technology that would change the world and the way we learn in it. At Brainscape, CR2 is dedicated in improving the way you learn with our own innovative smart technology to make your life stress free and easy, we provide educational technologies that are key to improving learning around the world. Because these rapid changes offer us the chance to improve education at every level for all people, it is more important now than ever before for teachers and students to have access to the best new methods, programs, and devices in the field right away.

CR2 Technologies Limited, as a software solution provider, focuses on delivering complete, high-productivity, integrated software solution to every possible sector. We focus on making the world, an eco-friendly place and smart digital place to live in.

“Education is the most powerful weapon and we aim towards making a powerful world by providing the easy education system facilities!!!”

Our solution to the Education industry aims at bringing the following advantages to all the stakeholders:

  • Easy user access to real time data
  • Any-time, any-where access to the software applications
  • Small footprint requiring lower bandwidth
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Flexibility
  • Higher Retention and understanding
  • Immediate feedback and results
  • Greener Approach
  • Easy Updating
  • Cost Effective

Applications that have the above features invariably result in better user confidence and faster experiences. We have been serving these clients for a number of years.

  • Microsoft
  • Nasscom
  • HP Business Partner
  • Android
  • iPhone