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iWOW™ is revolutionary Inward and Outward Management System offered by CR2 Technologies. It automates the dispatches of office clerk’s registers and makes it available over LAN.

It further tracks the status of inward mail movement in office over LAN. It records the series of action taken on the mail and maintains the logs of transaction and transfer of registers.

This will facilitate File Tracking System and helps to manage the file or registers movement from one department to another department. This shall help any organization to manage the flow of records and inventory effectively and efficiently. iWOW™ offers online tracking and fast location information and pendency monitoring effectively by providing, online, a plethora of information at a glance.

You can find following features with iWOW™:

Tracking: you can track your records with Serial Number, date and respective person/client

Easy to use: iWOW™ is very user friendly and interactive product which can be used by any level of organization and provides no complex features to deal with.

Customizable: We can customize iWOW™ for your particular need of tracking and monitoring of particular file system.

Reduces cost and simplifies needs of IT infrastructure: It reduces the cost by simplifying your operational cost and need of additional infrastructure to run the software.

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please visit www.trackofficepost.com

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