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CR2 is a leading Digitization Services Provider with a wide breadth of services across the entire Information technology spectrum. Know more about how CR2 can help you in digitization & data conversion of print materials, build the roadmap to getting there & leverage technology to make it possible for e-learning.

This service can be provided in 2 ways:

  1. On-site
  2. Off-site

For On site, CR2 designed special DIGITAL VANS which incubates Highend scanners and computers to process the Digitization job at the site where resources are available.

Today one of the biggest hurdles in the process of Digitalization is carrying of resources (i.e. print materials) to the place where digitization infrastructure lies. This involves lots of manpower, time & other resources which can be utilized elsewhere profitably. This will also save to & fro transportation cost as well as physical loss of books etc.

List of other Library services which can be provided on premise/off premise

  1. Authority Control
  2. Archeology/classical libraries
  3. Brief MARC Upgrade
  4. Barcodes Printing
  5. Barcodes Pasting
  6. Cataloging
  7. Custom Programming
  8. Card Printing
  9. Cataloging, On-site services
  10. Dumb Barcodes
  11. Data Entry
  12. Item Labels
  13. LC Classification, Creation of Web Site MARC 21 Records
  14. Machine Match, Manual Review
  15. Machine Services
  16. Marcadia
  17. Merge / Dedupe
  18. On-site RFID labels
  19. Reclassification
  20. Retrospective Conversion
  21. Scanning/Digitization/OCR
  22. Special Retrospective Conversion
  23. Title Conversion to MARC
  • Microsoft
  • Nasscom
  • HP Business Partner
  • Android
  • iPhone