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Pharmaceutical industry in India is the world’s third largest in terms of volume and CR2 plays major role in meeting daily IT needs of industry. Our design and development of pharmaceutical solutions are competent enough to meet the unique challenges and business requirements set by the industry regulatory.

Our professionals are built with competent skills and professional approach to comply with best industry practices and meet all regulatory and validation requirements. Our products and services offer highly efficient and well performed solution to meet level of customization and product development challenges. Our researched based knowledge clubbed with extensive years of experience in pharmaceutical industry let our intensive technical expertise to deliver standard set of solutions integrated with business intelligence, enterprise resource application, data warehousing and various others offerings to cater need of industry.

We help life sciences companies to plan their ecosystem to work toward innovative thinking through process reinvention, patent establishments, compliances and customer satisfaction. Our proven track records with help of best technical tools and business practices improve organization agility across pharmaceutical industry.

We have well established strategic business unit to take care of Life Sciences and Healthcare products which ensures domain expertise, innovative platform, competent technologies and delivery excellence. We handle critical changing business demands for highly modernized and rapidly growing industry. Our clientele includes leading and established names in pharmaceutical enterprise allowing us to build and survive long-run business association.

Key Drivers:

  • Our robust, well-engineered and flexible delivery models helps pharmaceutical companies to optimize cost of routine operations, key data analysis and important statistics with reductions in  time to market as desired by manufacturing units of industry. We ensure operational efficiencies at optimal level of resource utilization and without compromising on quality and functionality of desired set of modules.
  • Our solution allows you better controlling and monitoring of your daily operational activities and thereby helps you in enhanced decision making intelligence, added value to your processes optimization, customer centric approach.
  • Partnering with CR2 helps any organization to get access of our extensive experiences and worldwide successful operations for varied clientele in the field of life sciences and medicines.
  • We have set up best project management techniques and skill with innovative technology capabilities which assist you to manage all critical and economic advancement driven IT projects.

We have been serving these clients for number of years:

  • Microsoft
  • Nasscom
  • HP Business Partner
  • Android
  • iPhone