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First Application & Appeal Management System


First Application and Appeal Management is our innovative product which facilitates autonomous process for RTI and Judicial application and appeal processing.This product maintains the complete chain of PIO, APIO and First Appellate for managing information related with RTI. It works similar in nature to quasi-judicial system and offers well organized and complete tool to plan and manage requirements for RTI and Judicial System.

It supports easy and efficient reference of document and on-time tracking and linkage of all respective and related documents in system to particular case. The system is designed in a way that helps you to reduce steps for registration and routing and assist you to reduce manual work. It has effective case management and system generated warning for missing issues and pending cases to process in timely manner. It enables client to share online status and information on case to the applicant.

Here are some of the most important features of FAAMS®:

  • Application listing and management
  • Payment management and online receipt/printing
  • Secured Login and Customized View for authorized users
  • Rejection Remarking and Rejection Letter Generation
  • Public Information Officer Dashboard
  • Internal and External Process Transfer and Management
  • First Appeal Management
  • Appellate Dashboard
  • Online Status Sharing and Updates

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please visit faams.rtisolution.in

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