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With advent of mobile computing and related technologies, CR2 cope up with revolution and adopted best in mobile technology in its arena of various solution offering. We have integrated mobile communication, mobile software and mobile hardware in each of our solution to cope up with emerging need of mobile computing.

Our reliable and best in class mobile infrastructure, communication networks, data formats and latest use of technologies make us standing with trusted name in mobile solution.

We provide mobile application solutions based on iPhone OS, Android OS and Windows mobile operating system. We have adopted all variants and advent of mobile technologies including GSM, CDMA, GPRS, and 3G Networks such as CDMA2000, EDGE and W-CDMA. We are now also working with latest 4G networks such as LTE and LTE-advanced based on availability at limited geographical area.

Mobile application and solution deliveries have been core components of CR2 Technologies. We help you to take your ideas to a next level with use of mobile technologies and innovative mobile application solution. Our development ensures you high performance and custom built mobile apps delivering customer oriented interactive mobile based application. Our solution let your company to explore niche market opportunity and grab your full potential to business arena. In the time of online business and world of mobile junction, we bring you the power of dual way communication allowing your organization people and customer to be in instant touch for future organizational growth.

All our solutions are compatible to smart phone as well as tablets and smart TVs. We are also having expertise in all tablet platforms and mobile versions along with cross platform development of mobile applications. We build and deliver objective-centric mobile applications and provide you with platform to share and convey your business ideas in an adequate way to your target audience. We are always eager to hear your wish for mobile need and would acknowledge you with delighted solution beyond your expectations. We offer solutions based on iOS, Android and Windows operating system.

Android Apple Windows

Our solutions offer:

  • Mobility for your business
  • Next generation mobile architecture
  • Built and Test Automation
  • GPS based mobile solution
  • Mobile Video Streaming
  • Application Customization, evaluation and support

Let your customer have improved browsing experience and ease of mode to reach your store.

Here are few of our mobile solutions for your reference:

  • Microsoft
  • Nasscom
  • HP Business Partner
  • Android
  • iPhone