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Energy & Petroleum

Energy & Petroleum

Our solutions in field of energy and petroleum are based on our highly innovative manpower in the field and extensive skills which we acquired over years of experience in complex areas of operation in various continents. Our competency in designing and building integrated solution allows us to offer customized need of solution to each of our individual client and their operations. Years of extensive research and knowledge possessed by CR2 in energy and petroleum enabled it to approach petrochemical and power production companies to form long term business alliance.

The economic solution with proven track records of its successful execution has made us enable to co-invest in solution developed by us for our clients. Our promises are always delivered and that builds long lasting confidence in capacities of our organization. We have also acquired expertise in port management.

Our partnership with you shall be based on time tested business practices and proven strategies which ensure to meet your need for next generation solutions to optimize the cost of production and adding value to end delivery.

Our team of industry professionals works with your core need of organization to drive innovation and momentum to your ever growing business requirements. We offer our excellence in industry with:

  • Innovation: It helps you in reducing your discovery times with automation of standard operating procedures, enhanced discovery cycles which lets you to optimize your R&D budget and activities.
  • Cost optimization: Our defined sets of services bring you advance set of outcomes to reduce risk optimization and offers highest ROI of your investment.
  • Compliance: Our team of experts stay updated with all time to time industry compliances to meet need of changing regulations. We also take care of advanced post-market surveillance as well as optimizing error rate reduction for any uncertain and adverse events.
  • Standardization: Our solution always stands to its optimized level of standardization and which further bring you improved set of techniques to optimize your operations across divisions and locations through IT and business process harmonization.

Following clients are supported by CR2 services :

  • Microsoft
  • Nasscom
  • HP Business Partner
  • Android
  • iPhone