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Welcome to CR2's Newsletter – “Sparsh”.

“Sparsh” means the touch or motivation of the consciousness for sensitive exchange of emotions. As the name suggests, we have shared the ‘touchy feelings’ felt by the company and its family members both with a mission dedicated to keep our membership informed, involved and connected to us. We hope you enjoy our initiative in sharing with you our ideas, vision and achievements in the IT Industry.

Our goal with this newsletter is to create something that is candid, genuine and beneficial to our readers. We have worked with numerous clients over the years to design and develop successful Information Technology Solutions. As a result, we have consistently been fascinated with finding better ways to connect to our audience through this medium. With these curated briefings, we hope to give our readers inside access to what we have been researching, designing, building and thinking.

The authors and crafters of the newsletter are the very own members of CR2 family itself who have contributed their valuable articles in its making. We choose a quarterly schedule to ensure that our membership is well updated and connected in a timely manner.

We truly believe that “Sparsh” will open a new vista of communication amongst all those who are associated with the CR2 Family to create a better understanding and to bring them closer.

pdf-icon.png Sparsh Volume-2, Issue-2

pdf-icon.png Sparsh Volume-2, Issue-1

pdf-icon.png Sparsh Volume-1, Issue-3

pdf-icon.png Sparsh Volume-1, Issue-2

pdf-icon.png Sparsh Volume-1, Issue-1

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