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Glossary : Starting from F

F2F (face-to-face)

Term used to describe the traditional classroom environment. Also see ILT.

Facilitative tools

Electronic features used to deliver online courses. Examples include mailing lists, chat programs, streaming audio, streaming video, and Webpages.


The online course instructor who aids learning in the online, student-centered environment.


A person who registers for but does not complete an e-learning course.


Frequently Asked Questions; many Internet sites, such as organizations' websites and USENET discussion lists, provide a FAQ; newcomers are encouraged to read the FAQ before posting questions to avoid unnecessarily repetitious discussion.

Fax (facsimile)

(noun) The print-out of information transmitted via text and/or graphic images over standard telephone lines. (verb) To transmit information via text and/or graphic images over standard telephone lines.


Communication between the instructor or system and the learner resulting from an action or process.

Fiber-optic cable

Glass fiber used for laser transmission of video, audio, and/or data. Fiber-optic cable has a much greater bandwidth capacity than conventional cable or copper wire.


Short for microfiche. A small sheet (4" x 6") containing microfilmed images of pages, read with a microfilm reader. Many pages of text fit onto a single fiche, and their major advantage is in saving shelf space.


In a database, the part of a record used for a particular category of data.

Field Specific Search

A search of a Database that identifies the occurrence of a term, using either Free Text or Controlled Vocabulary, in a particular Field in the database. A field specific search is more precise than searching all fields.


Portion of a reference or unit record representing a specific item of information, such as the author, title etc

File server

A computer on a network with the primary task of storing files that can be shared by network users.


A fee charged for keeping a book or other library materials longer than the time allowed.


A technology that gives users access to the Internet while retaining internal network security.


Apple Computer's trademarked name for its high-speed serial bus supporting the IEEE 1394 data transfer standard. FireWire enables the connection of up to 63 devices and transfers data at a speed of up to 400 mbps.

Firm Order

These orders are for separate items that will not be updated.


Software by Macromedia that enables designers to use simple vector graphics to create computer animations, which can be viewed by any browser with the correct plug-in.

Floppy disk (floppy diskette)

A data storage medium used with a personal computer. Current floppy disks can store up to 1.44 MB of data and are usually 3 1/2 inches in size. Older floppy disks were 5 and ¼ inches. Also spelled as floppy disc.


1) The regions to which a communications satellite can transmit. 2) The floor or desk surface space occupied by a piece of computer equipment.


Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records.FRBR is a conceptual model for how bibliographic databases might be structured, considering what functions bibliographic records should fulfill in an era when card catalogs are databases with unique possibilities.


The space between waves in a signal; the amount of time between waves passing a stationary point.

Free text

Usually describes a method of searching a database using Natural Language rather than a Controlled Vocabulary. The person searching would search as many terms as she/he could think of that would be related to the topic of interest. The computer would search all Fields, or designated fields.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

A protocol that enables a user to move files from a distant computer to a local computer using a network like the Internet.

Full-motion video

A signal that allows the transmission of the complete action taking place at the origination site.


Some electronic databases provide the text of articles they index along with the citation and abstract. Full-text articles usually do not include any pictures or tables that accompanied the original article, unless they are saved as an Adobe Acrobat File.

Full-text databases

Electronic resources containing the full text of all or most items, often journal articles, rather than just abstracts.

Fully interactive video (two-way interactive video)

Two sites interacting with audio and video as if they were colocated.


Library-designated categories for the purchase of materials that support specific subjects. Although funds correspond to academic departments (e.g., geology, philosophy, psychology, etc.), the Libraries do not assign journals budgets to individual departments. Journal titles are assigned to funds to facilitate review by interested faculty and others.

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