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Glossary : Starting from Z


Z39.50 is a national and international standard defining a protocol for computer-to-computer information retrieval. Z39.50 makes it possible for a user in one system to search and retrieve information from other computer systems (that have also implemented Z39.50) without knowing the search syntax that is used by those other systems. Z39.50 is a client server protocol for searching and retrieving information from remote computer databases. It is covered by ANSI/NISO standard Z39.50, and ISO standard 23950. The standard's maintenance agency is the Library of Congress.

Zebra number

Number from barcode label used by Circulation


An inexpensively produced, self-published, underground publicationAn inexpensively produced, self-published, underground publication.

Zip disk

Portable storage disk that can hold 100 or 250 MB of information, manufactured by the Iomega corporation. Used in a Zip drive, Zip disks can archive or back up large amounts of data.

Zip drive

An external data storage device that reads Zip disks.

Zip file

1) A file that has been compressed, often with the .ZIP format originated by PKWARE. 2) A file on a Zip disk, not necessarily compressed. 3) A compressed file with the .EXE extension that is self-extracting (can be unzipped simply by opening it).

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