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Glossary : Starting from V

Value-added services

In the context of the e-learning industry, value-added services include custom training needs assessment and skill-gap analysis, curriculum design and development, pre- and posttraining mentoring and support, training effectiveness analysis, reporting and tracking tools, advisor services and implementation consulting, hosting and management of Internet- or intranet-based learning systems, integration of enterprise training delivery systems, and other services.

Vector graphic

An image created based on mathematical formulas rather than by an array of dots. Vector images look cleaner when they’re enlarged or shrunk because the mathematical formulas on which they’re based redraw the images to scale. See also raster graphic.

Vertical file

A collection of pamphlets, newspaper clippings, or other small published items.


Using video and audio signals to link participants at different and remote locations.


Not concrete or physical. For instance, a completely virtual university does not have actual buildings but instead holds classes over the Internet.

Virtual classroom

The online learning space where students and instructors interact.

Virtual community

See online community.

Virtual Library

Access to electronic information in a variety of remote locations through a local online catalogue or other gateway, such as the internet


A destructive type of computer program that attempts to disrupt the normal operation of a computer, rewrite or delete information from storage devices, and in some cases, cause physical damage to the computer.

Virus detection program

A software program to detect, diagnose, and destroy computer viruses.

VPN (virtual private network)

A private network configured inside a public network. Offers the security of private networks with the economies of scale and built-in management capabilities of public networks.

VoD (video on demand)

See CoD.

VoIP (voice over IP)

Voice transmitted digitally using the Internet Protocol. Avoids fees charged by telephone companies.


This word is used to describe two different materials: 1) A series of printed sheets, bound, typically, in book form, or 2) An arbitrary number of consecutive issues of a periodical.


Vertical portal; a portal that targets a niche audience.

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