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Glossary : Starting from H

Hand-held reader/scanner

A reader held and operated by a human, thus enabling the reader to be brought to the symbol. These can be contact readers, or non-contact readers such as CCD and laser scanners.

Hard disk

A computer’s main data storage component, usually housed within the CPU. Hard disks generally hold more data and can be read faster than floppy disks.

Hard drive

A disk drive that reads a computer’s hard disk.

Hard skills

Technical skills. See also soft skills.

Harvard style

A style of citing that uses the Author-date system

HDTV (high-definition TV)

A television signal that has over five times the resolution of standard television and requires extraordinary bandwidth.


When a book or other item is currently on loan, the library permits another borrower to place a "hold" on it by contacting the circulation desk. The patron who has the item checked out will not be permitted to renew it, and the person placing the "hold" will be entitled to check it out after it has been returned. hold: the process of requesting that an item that is on loan to someone else be held for you when it is returned.


Some library material arrives in more than one piece. Holdings are a listing of all of the pieces for an item. Most of the time, when you see a holdings record, you will be looking at a periodical. The holdings record will tell you exactly which years and volumes of a periodical the library owns. There are also records for multi-volume books that include holdings.

Home page

Several meanings. Originally the web page that your browser is set to when it starts up. The more common meaning refers to the main web page for a business, organization, person or simply the main page out of a collection of web pages.

House Organ

Also referred to as a House Journal. This term can apply to two types of publications: 1) A Periodical intended for the employees of a company providing news and other items of interest for those employees, or 2) A Periodical covering the news of a particular company or institution with a limited distribution usually to customers, potential customers, and others involved in the business such as vendors or dealers.


(noun) A computer connected to a network. (verb) To store and manage another company's technology and/or content on your own servers.

HRD (human resource development)

1) A term coined by Leonard Nadler to describe the organized learning experiences, such as training, education, and development, offered by employers within a specific timeframe to improve employee performance or personal growth. 2) Another name for the field and profession sometimes called training or training and development.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

The programming language used to create documents for display on the World Wide Web.

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)

The set of rules and standards that govern how information is transmitted on the World Wide Web.


A network device that connects communication lines together.


A technology that allows a computer user to click on a spot in a computer file that will then jump them to a different file. Links in World Wide Web pages are examples of hypertext.


Applications or documents that contain dynamic links to other media, such as audio, video, or graphics files.

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