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Glossary : Starting from J

Jackson Numbers

A method of arranging a collection of public documents according to the agencies that issue them. This system was developed at Oklahoma State University in the 1940's. Jackson Numbers are intended to be applied to any public document, including those issued by foreign governments and international agencies (i.e., the United Nations)


An object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Java isn't dependent on specific hardware and can be launched from within an HTML document or stand- alone.

Java applet

A small Java program launched through a browser.


A scripting language that's simpler than Java and can add interactivity to Webpages. JavaScript commands allow tasks to be completed by the Web browser when a user views a Webpage. (For example, making a graphic change when a user moves the cursor over it.)

JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)

An application program interface used to connect programs written in Java to the data in databases.

Job aid

Any simple tool that helps a worker do his or her job (for example, a flow chart to follow when answering a customer service call). Job aids generally provide quick reference information rather than in-depth training.

Jobs -For Librarians



JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

1) A format for image compression that enables the user to weigh image quality against file size. JPEG is a lossy compression method, meaning that when the image is compressed, the file is made smaller by discarding some of its information. The more the file is compressed, the more information is discarded, and the more the image quality is degraded. 2) The subgroup of the International Organization for Standardization responsible for setting the standards for the image file format that bears its name.


A periodical on a single topic published by an academic or association press. It will contain original research. journal: another name for a serial.


Characteristic of e-learning in which learners are able to access the information they need exactly when they need it.

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