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Glossary : Starting from K

KB (kilobyte)

1,024 bytes.

Kbps (Kilobits per second)

See knowledge management.


A word used when searching.

Keyword Searching

A search performed in any database that looks for important words in a number of fields at one time.

Knowledge asset

Intellectual content possessed by an organization. Any piece of information that a worker at a company knows, from customer names to how to fix a piece of machinery, can be considered a knowledge asset. Assets can be codified in a variety of formats, such as PowerPoint slides, Word documents, audio and video files, and so forth.

Knowledge base

A specialized database that stores knowledge assets.

Knowledge management

The process of capturing, organizing, and storing information and experiences of workers and groups within an organization and making it available to others. By collecting those artifacts in a central or distributed electronic environment (often in a database called a knowledge base), KM aims to help a company gain competitive advantage.

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