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Glossary : Starting from N

Natural language

When choosing words or phrases to describe a document, article, book or other material's subject content, the indexer (individual creating an Index) can select any appropriate term, often using the language from the document itself.


1) In data transmission, a limited range of frequencies. 2) More specifically, a network in which data transmission speeds range from 50 Bps to 64 Kbps. See also broadband.


1) Moving from Webpage to Webpage on the World Wide Web. 2) Moving through the pages of an online site that may not be part of the WWW, including an intranet site or an online course.


Placing documents within other documents. Allows a user to access material in a nonlinear fashion, the primary requirement for developing hypertext.


Common nickname for the Internet.


Online manners. The rules of conduct for online or Internet users.

Netscape Navigator

Browser software that enables users to view Webpages.


Two or more computers that are connected so users can share files and devices (for example, printers, servers, and storage devices).


An online discussion hosted on the Usenet network. Sometimes also called a forum.

Non-contact reader/scanner

A bar code reader typified by fixed or moving beam scanners which can scan and decoded a bar code symbol without making contact with the symbol.

Not Charged

If a library item is not checked-out, the online catalog will indicate that the status of the item is Not Charged. This means that the item is available in its call number location in the library.

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