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Glossary : Starting from O

Object-oriented programming

A type of computer programming that allows programmers to define the following as objects: data types, data structures, and the functions or operations that are to be applied to the objects. Object-oriented programming languages include Java, Smalltalk, and C++.

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)

An application program interface to access information from numerous types of databases, including Access, dbase, DB2, and so forth.


A copy of an article published in a periodical, specially reprinted for the author's use, but retaining the numbering of the issue from which it was taken.


Refers to a computer system that can be continually and/or remotely ccessed.

Online catalog

The publicly searchable computer system that stores the bibliographic records for a library's materials.

Online community

A meeting place on the Internet for people who share common interests and needs. Online communities can be open to all or be by membership only and may or may not be moderated.

Online database

A computerized file, often of periodical indexes.

Online learning

Learning delivered by Web-based or Internet-based technologies. See Web-based training and Internet-based training.

Online searching

Using an off-site computer system to find periodical citations on a subject. There is often a fee charged to the library user.

Online training

Web- or Internet-based training.


A Catalog in electronic (machine-readable) format and able to be accessed online. Also known as an ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS COMPUTER

Open source software

1) Generally, software for which the original program instructions, the source code, is made available so that users can access, modify, and redistribute it. The Linux operating system is an example of open source software. 2) Software that meets each of nine requirements listed by the non-profit Open Source Initiative in its Open Source Definition.

Open Stacks

A library shelving system which allows all users access to the books in the stacks. Users are free to browse the collection and select the books they wish to use without involving library personnel.


: A search modifier used to refine the relationship between our search term(s). The three major ones are AND, OR and NOT.

Origination site

The location from which a teleconference originates.

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